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Why buying a villa is preferable over buying an apartment:

Space and privacy are two major benefits of purchasing a villa. Villas usually have larger floor designs, many bedrooms, and private gardens or yards. This provides for additional privacy and personalization of the outdoor space, which is ideal for families, pet owners, and individuals who enjoy gardening and outdoor activities.

Investment Potential : Villas, particularly those in exceptional locations or gated communities, often rise in value over time. As a standalone property, they may hold their value better than apartments, making them potentially a better long-term investment option.

Customization and Freedom : Owning a villa generally allows you to renovate, enlarge, or modify the interior and exterior of the villa, whereas flats may have stricter laws and constraints. 

Exclusive Amenities : Unlike apartment buildings, many villa communities offer exclusive amenities such as private swimming pools, gyms, clubhouses, and recreational areas, offering a more exclusive and calm environment.

Enhanced Security : Guarded entrances, CCTV surveillance, and security patrols are common features of gated villa communities, giving residents peace of mind.

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